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About KFMC
About Classic KFMC, 106.5

Who We Are

Classic KFMC 106.5 has a rich heritage of service to listeners in over 30 counties in the region. The Real Classic Rock format features the music most known by adults in this area. After all, they grew up listening to groups like Fleetwood Mac, The Who, ZZ Top, Bob Seger, and the all-star cast of the Classic KFMC music library. The music starts with the Beatles and goes through the eighties...the best rock and roll ever recorded.

Who We Reach

You want to reach customers with disposable income. That’s what Classic KFMC 106.5 delivers. With listeners in eight Iowa counties plus nearly two dozen counties in southern Minnesota, Classic KFMC 106.5 captures the buying power that betters your bottom line!

Internet-based research shows we have an active listener base that is most powerful in the age 35-44 demo, followed closely by 25-34s and 45-54s. These are adults that buy and furnish homes, buy more cars, boats and recreational vehicles, and spend money on healthcare, clothing, leisure, and financial services. The people you want - delivered in large numbers by Classic KFMC 106.5.

Results With Adults

Our Harley Davidson giveaways have provided detailed information about listening habits. We know we reach over 30 counties, and we find men and women listening long spans of time in the workplace, in the car, and at home. In 2003 we introduced our new format by giving away a 100th Anniversary edition Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle. Our audience responded with such excitement, that we have done it six more times since, with the "Ultimate Free Ride" and "Extreme Free Ride" giveaways, not to mention our annual "Rocktober" events which generate weeks of excitement and winning for our listeners.

The right music, exciting promotions, weather and news each day, and a motivated audience…put us to work for you!

Classic KFMC 106.5
Real Classic Rock

Always here, always on, and always on target to help your business grow.

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